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Enabling leaders to create positive change

The Greater Manchester gender-based violence strategy promotes changing the public story about gender-based violence.  Their focus is on prevention rather than enforced sanctions.  At Brain Potential, we work with leaders to help them understand th neuroscience behind offenders and how to support victims.

By engaging with Brain Potential (leadership powered by neuroscience), you will be empowered to create positive change for yourself, your team and for refugee women escaping domestic violence situations.

Our team have a wealth of experience when it comes to the neurological side of domestic violence and abuse.   When our founder, Jan Sky, connected with Beauty for Ashes Refuges, it made perfect sense that we support such a humanitarian cause.

When you participate in the Brain Potential Leadership Training Program, your investment will allow us to donate 10 nights accommodation for a woman fleeing an abusive situation.

For many, this is the difference between life and death.


Brain Potential Leaders Making Positive Change
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Beauty for Ashes Refuges

“At Brain Potential we deliver real transformation not just information”

Benefits of Brain Potential Leadership Training Program

The costs of poor leadership can often be overlooked or explained away with other excuses.

When you complete a Brain Potential Leadership Training Program, you will notice the difference with these benefits:

Increased Staff Retention

Improved Workplace Culture

Less Workplace Stress

Better Decision Making Skills

Increased Productivity

Increased Achievement of Long Term Goals

Less HR Complaints

Increased Flexibility of Behaviour

Develop extraordinary leadership skills…

“The coaching between training sessions was a game changer”

“If you want to change the ordinary to the extraordinary, Brain Potential is the training course to engage in.  The coaching between training sessions was the game changer to ensure my learning was implemented in the workplace.”

Miriam Roberts

Director, MinNGaz Pty Ltd

“My team was transformed to work at a higher level”

“Jan Sky’s understanding of neuroscience is exceptional, and her delivery style is one that enables understanding at all levels.  My team was transformed to work at a higher level, demonstrating greater collaboration between each other.”

Janelle Kemp

Director, Kemp Recruitment

“Gave me a personalised path to improving leadership skills and workplace culture”

“Brain Potential is a unique approach to leadership.  The use of neuroscience and brain development/change gave me a personalised path to improving leadership skills and workplace culture. “

Peter Chiricosta

Integrated Health Coach, Integrated Health & Performance

Brain Potential Leadership Training Program

The Brain Potential Leadership Training Program


Over two consecutive months you will be taken on a journey of insight to discover how to:

  • Enhance your brain fitness to operate at your full potential
  • Capably manage yourself using self awareness and by developing a resilient brain
  • Understand others by cultivating healthy relationships
  • Lead others to create conditions for optimal performance

What is included in the Brain Potential Leadership Training Program?

Small Online Group Sessions

4 x 90 minute online group sessions (conducted fortnightly) with our experts, jam-packed with learnings and insight

Valuable Resources

A range of resources and materials that you can use within your business to unlock brain potential

1:1 Coaching

4 x sessions with one of our highly-skilled coaches, designed to help you get the most out of the course

The Brain Potential Leadership Training Program Options


Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I take part in your Leadership Training Program?

Our Leadership Training Program is 100% online and we have had participants join us from all around the world.  Calls do take place during Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) and are recorded so you can watch the replay.

Can I organise a private training for my whole team?

Absolutely!  We love working with whole leadership teams as it encourages positive change across the entire business.  Imagine what your team could be capable of when they have all unlocked their brain potential!

A quick Zoom call with Jan Sky to ascertain your requirements and you will receive a personalised proposal.

What other options for learning are available?

You have a range of learning options available with Brain Potential, from ongoing coaching, lunch and learn Brain Bite Trainings, monthly discussion groups, personalised in-house presentations and more.

Does Brain Potential guarantee results?

You can be sure your money is safe with Brain Potential. 

If by the end of the training and coaching, no change has occurred then we will refund 100% of your investment.

How can I maintain my focus after my leadership training?

Ongoing coaching or additional learning options are a fantastic way to keep focused and ensure you are continuing to unlock your brain potential.

Brain Potential Brain Basics Ebook

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Begin to learn some of the basic neuroscience principles that will help you understand how the brain works and begin to power your leadership with neuroscience.

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