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Are you losing talented people?

What if you could keep them without increasing pay?

It’s no longer enough to simply have the technical skills to cope with high demands.

At a deeper level, we all have the potential to acheive desired results whilst maintaining our wellbeing and inspiring others.  You simply need to learn to unlock your brain potential and utilise it.

Benefits of Brain Potential Leadership Training Program

The costs of poor leadership can often be overlooked or explained away with other excuses.

When your leadership team completes a Brain Potential Leadership Training Program, you will notice the difference with these benefits:

Increased Staff Retention

Improved Workplace Culture

Less Workplace Stress

Better Decision Making Skills

Increased Productivity

Increased Achievement of Long Term Goals

Less HR Complaints

Increased Flexibility of Behaviour

Jan’s ability to help others comes from her innate understanding of how to help us identify and remove blocks, both emotional and intellectual, to clear thinking, giving us the momentum to move forward, toward our goals.

– Jack Fraenkel – Chief Motivational Officer – Motivatories

About Brain Potential

Leadership Training powered by neuroscience

With more than 30 years of experience in leadership training around the world, you are in safe hands with Jan Sky and the team at Brain Potential.

Our commitment is to help you create lasting change using methods backed by neuroscience that will not only allow you to unlock your leadership potential but thrive in all areas of your life!

The Brain Potential Framework Model has been tried and tested with leaders from a large range of industries producing unprecedented results.

Jan Sky Leadership Training for Managers

Who have we worked with?

We’ve worked with leaders from all sorts of businesses and organisations.  Here are a few that you may be familiar with.

“outstanding results”


“Jan uses ESI process with in-mates in prison with outstanding results.  The in-mates feel empowered by their realisation that there are more parts to their personalities than their criminal parts.  They appear to grasp this concept and appear to use this in addressing their offending behaviour.”

Brenda Ambler

Drug & Alcohol/Holistic Counsellor, NSW Dept of Corrective Services

“made even harder choices much easier”


“Jan took me on a journey into ‘myself’ and showed me how I make decisions.  Since returning from that journey my understanding of myself has made even harder choices much easier.”

Gary Roberts

Chief Engineer, Leading Sydney Hotel

“many tools to use in practical useful ways”


“The Brain Potential course has given me many tools to use in practical useful ways. It has helped me to understand how I can make best use of my brain and body, informed, and guided by modern neuroscience and empirical medical knowledge, to create a solid foundation to base my creative work as an artist on.”

Dinesh Moylan


Leadership & Neuroscience News

The Neuroscience of Habit Formation

The Neuroscience of Habit Formation

A new year is the perfect time to set resolutions and make some positive changes to our lives but what happens when we get to the end of January? Did you start out with great intentions only to find that you’ve slipped back into those old habits again? Let’s talk about the neuroscience of habit formation and how understanding it can lead to longer lasting change.

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The Stress of Christmas

The Stress of Christmas

When December rolls around (sometimes even before), do you find yourself agitated, quick-tempered and prone to outbursts at the drop of a hat?

You may not even realise it, but the stress of Christmas could be what’s creating that situation.

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How do you deal with Conflict in the Workplace?

How do you deal with Conflict in the Workplace?

It’s inevitable that whenever you gather multiple people in one place for an extended period, conflict will arise. Every individual has different strategies, personal history, values, beliefs, and filters that information passes through which changes how they perceive the information they receive. So, when those differences in perception carry a lot of emotion, how do you deal with conflict in the workplace?

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